Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A perfect day

I wake up fully rested, excited for what's to come as soon as my eyes open. Pad out to the kitchen for a little coffee, get ready for my first workout of the day.

I head out the door, down 18th to Castro, the city street starting to come to life with early birds hurrying to work, sidewalks being washed clean from the night before. My breathing deepens as I remind myself to take quick, light steps and take my time up the hill to Divisadero. Turning into the panhandle the atmosphere changes as big trees take the place of buildings and dogs run around. If I look at the park with fresh eyes I am struck by the beauty of the botanical gardens as I run by- people come from all over to visit this park and it is just my morning route!

Finally I head off the pavement into the shade of redwood trees and the soft, muddy trail. I am a barbarian running through the woods, fast and light, I could run forever. Maybe all the way out to the ocean! Back home, I walk the last couple of blocks, can't help smiling at everyone I pass. I just got to experience 11 miles and a sense of freedom.

Breakfast, outfit change, out the door to lead an outdoor workout class downtown. The class is stoked to be there, they joke around, push themselves, everyone loving it. Out in the sunshine on the Embarcadero playing around- people passing by in business suits wishing they were us!

Home, shower, make lunch. Time to visit my office, (my brother's desk in a sunny bay window nook) where I work on my website, getting in touch with new clients, designing my logo. Feeling like my dream is coming true, each day making it a little more legit.

Looking forward to yoga this evening, then dinner, a friend stopping over to watch the Bachelor. Then trying out my first cheesecake ever for dessert!

That my friends, is a pretty perfect day!


  1. And the cheesecake was bomb, I might add.

  2. I ditto that! De bomb! dinner was pretty fab also.